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Avi Nardia, Sword of Giving Life Part 2

Jun 11, 2019
Close Quarter Dad
Avi Nardia, Sword of Giving Life Part 2
In this second of two episodes, Avi Nardia (Major, IDF Res.) shares his deep insight to the flaws in martial martial art programs today for kids, and how parents can recognize a quality leader within schools. 

As well, Avi shares stories of how he chooses to guide his own son as a Dad, by taking him with him to all parts of the world and allowing him to find his own path. 

Finally, Avi shares with us about the work he is currently doing in Africa, dedicating his time and resources to helping the children in one of Africa's largest slums study martial arts. 



Avi Nardia is not only one of my teachers, one of my inspirations in the world of martial arts, but someone I have the honor and privilege to also call him a friend.

I am really excited and I could not speak more highly of this man as a warrior but also as a fellow father. It is really exciting for me that is going to be the kick off podcast, the kick off episode for Close-Quarter Dad, and I would love and I am excited to introduce all of you to my friend Avi Nardia sensei.

About Avi Nardia

Avi Nardia is a world renowned martial artist. He has taught around the world for decades and travels to clubs throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia to teach his own self defense martial art KAPAP.

During his 24 years as a reserve officer, Avi Nardia (Major, IDF Res.) served as an official hand-to-hand instructor and safety officer