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Ask Yourself Threatening Questions

Jan 14, 2020
In this episode I want to challenge you to ask yourself what I call threatening questions

 These are questions that as a parent, we don't want to face … they are dark. They are questions we may not even know to ask ourselves. 

  • What if I get separated from you in the city, I get lost and it's dark? What do I do? 
  • Will I really have to fight to save my life some day?
  • What happens if you get hurt? What am I supposed to do
  • What if a police officer approaches me and tells me to come with him because you and mom have been hurt and they need to take me to the hospital to be with you? 
  • If I hear gunshots at school, what should I really do? 
  • That man makes me feel really uncomfortable, what am I supposed to say to him every time he talks to me? 
  • You told me not to talk to strangers. But if I call 911 the operator that answers is a stranger also. So who really is a stranger? 
  • What happens if a mean person comes at us in the parking lot and they want to hurt you? What should I? 
  • I watched a kid get beat up today. What should I have done? 
  • I heard the gas station was robbed last week. What happens if I was at the gas station when it got robbed? What should I do? What happens if you lose me?
  • What happens when I see someone bullying or hurting another kid? 
  • What happens if I get separated from everybody and I get lost in the woods? 
  • What happens if one day someone pulls me into a car and I can't get out? What do I do?  

We could go on and on with these with these examples. What’s important right now is that you simply take some time and think of one question that truly puts you in a place of fear.

What is that one question you just never would want to face. 

Do you know the answer to that question? 

The reality is that if I put 20 men in one room and I asked them to write down the answer to any one of the questions that I just gave examples up, the strong likelihood is that I will receive 20 different answers.

There's usually gonna be no more than three appropriate answers given the situation. 

So if there were a couple questions that you had a challenge with don't worry, it's totally natural. 

You are invited into close quarter dad, our community of other fathers like yourself who are answering those questions and asking many more. 

We're addressing topics of, 

  • Personal protection
  • Family security
  • Loss prevention 
  • Last resort survival training. 

There's a free program called the Core Conflict Concepts, where I really break down the difference between the topics of personal protection and martial arts and why sending your child to a martial arts school may not be the solution for keeping your child safe.

You see, too many people, unfortunately, go forward with thinking, 

if I put my kid into a martial arts school, they're gonna be able to keep themselves safe, able to fight off a bully” … or all this nonsense. 

It's just not true. 

Interested in joining our group of Dad’s?



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