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In this episode, I challenge you to ask your child a question. Try it out and see what they say.

I discuss some first steps you can teach your child in case they become separated from you or a group they may be with - and suddenly find themselves alone and lost.

This can be the scariest situation for parents, so it's up to us to make it a priority to gain the knowledge and skill, so that we can pass it on, and make sure our children know what to do should they become suddenly lost ...

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Let’s have a discussion and explore some thought exercises around your own personal capacity when it comes to survival and reality.

The other day I was overhearing a discussion between some colleagues, they were talking about how, ‘they would kill in a situation where their children were starving and needed to get food for their children’ ...

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Are you having discussions with your children about the topic of violence and where violence is may happen in their life, how they're going to be able to manage it, what happens when they see it, how to make basic sense of it?

Well, in this episode, I will introduce you to a couple of tactics you can use to have those very important discussions with your children about violence.

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Let’s discuss an observation I've made over the last 20 years of teaching martial arts, engaging with parents and working with their children; the massive impact a dad has on their child when they actually participate in that activity.

It doesn't necessarily have to be martial arts. It can be any sports activity, artistic program or challenging interest your child has ...

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Today I want to share with you an answer to a question I get asked a lot; can I recommend a book that would help immerse myself into the study of self-defense and personal protection?

Oftentimes I might get asked by a parent who doesn't want to get himself involved in martial arts. Whether they don't have the time or the interest, but they still want to be able to equip their self, armed with good information, so that they can pass that information onto their children ...

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In this second of two episodes, Avi Nardia (Major, IDF Res.) shares his deep insight to the flaws in martial martial art programs today for kids, and how parents can recognize a quality leader within schools.

As well, Avi shares stories of how he chooses to guide his own son as a Dad, by taking him with him to all parts of the world and allowing him to find his own path ...

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In many ways, parents today likes to avoid the topic of violence, and pretend it isn’t occurring all around their children

  • News, music, movies
  • Social media influencers, live leaks
  • School, sports and peer groups

Ignoring how your kids process violence is simply not reality. As fathers, we must face the reality that our children face violence regularly, at different levels. How they handle each encounter, is up to us. Period.

Even though they are less likely to encounter someone physically attacking them with a weapon, more subtle forms of violence will absolutely occur throughout our lives.

It is your job to teach your kid a healthy attitude towards violence.

  • How to recognize escalation 
  • How to avoid it conflict
  • How to interrupt threats, minimize injury and defend themselves and others. 
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