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The Close Quarter Dad podcast is a discussion among men about teaching our kids to live safe, confident and resilient lives. Topics are focussed on topics of personal protection, family safety, loss prevention and...

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Faces of Violence, Part 2 Poor Judgement and The Predator

Episode #26

A community of Dads committed to teaching our children about staying safe and living with confidence. Join us at Close Quarter Dad The next possibility for victimization in a violent crime, is going to be basically...
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Faces of Violence, Part 1 The Friend and Criminal

Episode #25

There is really one of four faces or four situations that they're gonna find themselves in. If you're able to understand this, then you're able to move your own training, your own discussions and your own paradigm in...
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Close Quarter Dad Origin Story

Episode #24

The reason for creating close quarter parenting is, back in 2006 I began to recognize something that was pretty unique, and I don't know if I would have ever realized this if I wasn't in the unique situation I was in...
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The Consciousness of Weapon Training

Episode #23

So a couple days ago, I was walking down the bike path that we have in my part of New York. We've got this gorgeous bike path that runs across the entire state. We've got one. The heads north won the heads east west...
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Functional vs. Improvisational Training

Episode #22

Let's talk about understanding the difference between improvisational training and functional training and how we should approach working with our children to give them a clear understanding and skill set of for...
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The Jiujitsu of Stress

Episode #21

We can empower our kids with the best techniques to stay safe if someone grabs them, or teach them how to prevent a bully from hurting them  … or we can show them what to do if a group of kids tries jumping them  … or...
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My Son Wants Revenge, Reflections on Friends Getting Jumped

Episode #20

Over the last few days, I've been handling a situation with my oldest son. He's 18 years old and he's dealing with a fight that happened here in our community that involved his friends.  My son called me from...
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Ask yourself Threatening Questions

Episode #19

In this episode I want to challenge you to ask yourself what I call threatening questions.  These are questions that as a parent, we don't want to face … they are dark. They are questions we may not even know to ask...
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Reflections on nature in martial arts, the lost secret

Episode #18

As a professional martial artist, I've made it a career for more than a decade to teach people from all walks of life, young and old, how to remain safe. Discovery of self preservation and safety is not merely about...
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Teach Your Child to be Found Part 1.

Episode #17

In this video, I challenge you to ask your child a question. Try it out and see what they say. I discuss some first steps you can teach your child in case they become separated from you or a group they may be with -...
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How Far Will You Really Go To Survive?

Episode #16

Earlier this week, I was listening to a discussion with a group of other dads and they were talking about some extreme situation where given the circumstances that they would actually kill to feed their Children. And...
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How to talk to your kids about violence

Episode #13

Are you having discussions with your children about the topic of violence and where violence is may happen in their life, how they're going to be able to manage it, what happens when they see it, how to make basic...
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JUNE 28TH, 2019


I discovered a critical weakness that 82% of fathers have after training over 5,000 children, over 20 years.

And the 8 actions that every Dad can use to transform their power in tactical parenting.