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Close Quarter Dad

Close Quarter Dad

Hosted by: Adam Mitchell

The Close Quarter Dad podcast is a discussion among men about teaching our kids to live safe, confident and resilient lives. Topics are focussed on topics of personal protection, family safety, loss prevention and...


The Child Safety Summit, what I learned

Season #1 Episode #42

In this episode, I share what I personally learned after spending 3 days with 14 of the best authors, trainers and advocates for child safety, at the Child Safety Summit, 2022. While the summit is over, you can still...
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The Difference Between Martial Arts and Self Defense, with Randy King

Season #1 Episode #41

This episode is for Dads who want to really understand why martial arts are not self defense. Indeed, they support one another, but it's critical that you understand the difference. You will step into a conversation...
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Strong Dads Need Stronger Gear, with Craig Risoli

Season #1 Episode #40

Bag failures suck. Especially when there's kid's food, diapers and important lunches on long trips. Gear failures create stress, can damage stuff around you, and generally ruin what should otherwise be enjoyable,...
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The day after Uvalde mass shooting, with Adam Mitchell

Season #1 Episode #39

What are you doing to keep children in schools safe? How are you showing up for your community to protect and be an active player in the protection of children? Or, are you sitting on the sidelines, hoping your tax...
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Should Your My Kid Stop for an Unmarked Police Car?

Season #1 Episode #38

I found it in a local community Facebook page, a parent sharing an article they'd found about a girl not pulling over for an unmarked police car. They soon found out that the person trying to pull her over was a...
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Creating Clear Expectations With Your Kids, with Ben Winter

Season #1 Episode #37

One of the many challenges we as parents face is projecting our expectations onto our children, and assuming they are going to know what these expectations mean. It's actually kind of nuts, and in this conversation we...
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How Your Kids Will Manage A Billion Dollars, with Luke Hohmann

Season #1 Episode #36

In this episode we are joined by my friend Luke Hohmann, who is the founder of an incredible company called FirstRoot, who's technology allows young people to invest real money, in real proposals ... and it has...
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Leading Kids Through Challenge, With Possibility, with Scott Feld

Season #1 Episode #35

Reframing ways you encourage your children through challenges is one of the most important things you can do for them. How often are you checking in on this? Seriously. In today's conversation, Scott Feld and I go...
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The Devil's Playground, The Point of No Return 2

Season #1 Episode #34

In this week's episode of Point of No Return (Episode 34) on the Close Quarter Dad podcast, we sit down with retired Bronx Lt., John Magee and dig into this situation, a woman gets swarmed in a playground by a group...
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Teach your kids to do Hard Things, with Jay Tiegs

Season #1 Episode #33

On this episode, we’ll be stepping into some topics seldom discussed among men, such as how to teach courage and bravery to kids, guiding kids on courses of action and how to balance their anxieties with anticipation;...
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Parenting with Everyday Excellence, with Joe Templin

Season #1 Episode #31

On this episode, we sit down with leading excellence and mindset coach, former International Taekwon Do champion, ultra marathon runner and proud Dad of three boys, who is involved in more community work than we have...
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Overtaken. Fights Back. Point of No Return 1

Season #1 Episode #32

The reality is this, that girl did a good job, from what is seen in the security camera. Without knowing what led to this, or where she was headed to, it's tough to tell. She did however - fight back. Check out the...
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