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Prepare You Kids For Conflict, with Mike Hammond

Episode 56: Level up how you communicate with your children about conflict situations

In this episode, we go deep in an insightful conversation with the experienced Mike Hammond, a retired Chicago homicide detective, to explore the crucial topic of helping children navigate the aftermath of conflicts or traumatic events.

Key highlights from the episode include:

  • Mike Hammond's emphasis on the importance of articulating reasons for using force in self-defense and teaching kids to articulate their actions to keep them out of trouble and avoid litigation.
  • Insights on the importance of teaching children safety and survival skills.
  • Discussions on the impact of acknowledging fear and trusting one's intuition in children, and the importance of teaching them self-defense and survival instincts.
  • Personal experiences shared by Mike Hammond and the challenges of dealing with violence while striking a balance between protective instincts and allowing children to have a normal childhood

Our conversation centers on the importance of training children on how to communicate after a conflict has occurred, including speaking with school teachers, principals, and law enforcement.

In addition, Mike offers practical advice on helping children effectively communicate their position and navigate fear, all while building self-confidence and resilience.

Check out Mike's Podcast, Detective Story with Mike Hammond

Instagram: @detectivestorymikehammond

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About Mike Hammond

Mike is a retired Homicide Detective with the Chicago Police Department, A member of the Chicago Police Department for 22 years he was promoted to detective in 2000 where he served in Area Four Homicide Unit, Cold Case Homicide Unit and Area North Homicide until his retirement in 2016. He is a recipient of the Chicago Police Department Superintendents Award of Valor. Currently the host of Detective Story with Mike Hammond podcast which has a focus on victims and their families and discussions of actual cases and investigations.



Here’s a complimentary lesson I made for channel listeners on the 3 Discussions you must have with your kids about safety and survival. It’s only ten minutes long, but could be a life saving 10 minutes of your time spent.




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