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The Current State of Family Safety and Preparedness, with Amber Elle

What is the current state of Family Safety and as a man and father, are you prepared? Amber Elle, Director of Family Preparedness and the lead for women’s development at Fieldcraft Survival discusses family safety measures and exactly how to safeguard your loved ones. You'll learn:

  • The current state of safety and risk factors families are facing today
  • Immediate changes you can put in place in your home to keep children safe
  • How to create a family culture of safety through activities and connection
  • How and why ever father should be expanding their skillset for preparedness and self-reliance
  • A mother's perspective on what is needed for a home to be safe

As well, this episode covers various safety scenarios, such as home invasion, unlocked firearms, and personal safety in emergency situations. Amber stresses the importance of practical preparation, situational awareness, and communicating with loved ones in times of emergency. The goal of the episode is to help listeners create a lifestyle of preparedness and self-reliance, so they can have peace and feel empowered during times of turmoil.

Fieldcraft Survival

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Amber is our Director of Family Preparedness and the lead for women’s development. She is a mother to three adventurous children and leads their home education journey through living and rich experiences. She holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing with active licensure and maintains CPR and first aid certifications. She holds training as a classical education educator and has experience leading young adults in their studies. She has also led gun safety and situational awareness classes with local children’s groups. Amber loves maintaining a home garden, raising animals, hunting, cooking, and using her life to teach other families how to thrive in spite of their unique circumstances.

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