Origin Story of Close Quarter Dad

blog Jan 28, 2021

The reason for creating close quarter parenting is, back in 2006 I began to recognize something that was pretty unique, and I don't know if I would have ever realized this if I wasn't in the unique situation I was in as a martial arts instructor and as a father.

As a teacher here, and the owner of my martial arts school, I started to work with and engage with obviously a lot of kids and had a lot of kids in my dojo.

The majority of my students are adults, but I had a lot of children here and we were able to build the school up to about 200 children and it's a lot of kids, so I'm engaging with a lot of parents.

What I started to realize after a while is the majority of the parents were moms and at first, for the first few years, I just sort of took it as a soccer mom thing that dads were at work and moms were at home and after school the moms took the kids to karate lessons.

Then I started to notice something a little bit deeper as being a dad myself, is that the father's, a few...

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The Higher Consciousness of Weapon Training

blog Jan 25, 2021

A couple days ago, I was walking down the bike path that we have in my part of New York, enjoying the fact that there was nobody out there. Just myself, and the woods. Usually it's pretty crowded, especially during the pandemic and people wanting to get outside.

After a while, I came across two people walking towards me. As we I got closer, I noticed that it was a couple. Closer, I was able to see that they were a bit on in their years, maybe mid seventies, a couple holding hands, husband and wife mot likely.

They too were enjoying this brisk winter day. Closer, I noticed the gentleman was holding something in his other hand. And closer, getting ready to say, 'Good afternoon', I noticed that he was carrying a baseball bat. It was legitimately a Louisville slugger. Yes, branded into this classic purple baseball bat!

It appeared he was trying to show a somewhat intimidating presence, an I'm not gonna get messed with now kinda thing.

What would...

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My Son Wants Revenge, Reflections on Friends Getting Jumped

articles blog podcast Feb 13, 2020



Over the last few days, I've been handling a situation with my oldest son. He's 18 years old and he's dealing with a fight that happened here in our community that involved his friends.

My son called me from somewhere in about 12:30 am the other evening and explained to me that a group of his friends had been jumped.

I dug into the details a little bit more.

His friends had gone to meet a another group of kids to watch a one on one fight to settle something that had escalated at a McDonald’s parking lot earlier that evening; one of these stupid teenage dramas that sadly escalated to a point of no return.

His friends showed up at the designated fight location, and apparently all of them ended up getting jumped by a large(r) group of kids.

The situation turned pretty bad.

A baseball baseball bat had hit a kid’s head, a knife was involved in a stabbing, someone got hit with a hammer with the claw side of a framing hammer and these boys got...

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Ask Yourself Threatening Questions

blog podcast Jan 15, 2020


In this episode I want to challenge you to ask yourself what I call threatening questions

 These are questions that as a parent, we don't want to face … they are dark. They are questions we may not even know to ask ourselves. 

  • What if I get separated from you in the city, I get lost and it's dark? What do I do? 
  • Will I really have to fight to save my life some day?
  • What happens if you get hurt? What am I supposed to do
  • What if a police officer approaches me and tells me to come with him because you and mom have been hurt and they need to take me to the hospital to be with you? 
  • If I hear gunshots at school, what should I really do? 
  • That man makes me feel really uncomfortable, what am I supposed to say to him every time he talks to me? 
  • You told me not to talk to strangers. But if I call 911 the operator that answers is a stranger also. So who really is a stranger? 
  • What happens if a mean person comes at us in the parking...
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JUNE 28TH, 2019


I discovered a critical weakness that 82% of fathers have after training over 5,000 children, over 20 years.

And the 8 actions that every Dad can use to transform their power in tactical parenting.