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How to use Fear as your Child's Teacher, with Mark Booher

May 14, 2024

Empowering your Children to understand Fear and Instill Confidence

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Too often we will apply fear as a scare tactic to get our children to either do or avoid something, rather than using it as a valuable tool to learn and become more resilient. In today's episode of Close Quarter Dad, I sit down with Mark Booher, a former infantryman, intelligence professional, counter-terrorism specialist and and licensed attorney ... and he's a Dad.

Mark has conducted intelligence and security operations around the world and understands threat, assessment and response to fear. He's a trainer, leader and host of the Pearl Snap Tactical Podcast.

Our conversation delves into the nuanced distinctions between fear, terror, bravery, and courage in the realm of parenting, shedding light on the importance of comprehending fear.


  1. Understanding Fear: Mark discusses strategies for identifying and overcoming fear, emphasizing the significance of exposure to discomfort in the journey towards courage.

  2. Power of Purpose: We underscore the role of purpose in conquering fears, managing anticipation, and fostering self-empowerment in children.

  3. Serious Topics Addressed: Serious issues like sexual abuse, bullying, and the necessity of physical activities to cultivate confidence are brought to the forefront.

  4. Modern Parenting Practices: The conversation questions contemporary parenting practices that prioritize screen time over physical engagement, advocating for real-life experiences over online identities.

  5. Personal Growth: Mark spotlights personal growth, finding purpose, ancestral respect, and safety, offering insights into online courses on situational awareness and pistol tactics.

You will be encouraged to explore the transformative nature of courage and how it realities to your children, regardless of how old they are; the importance of instilling values, and the benefits of engaging in physical activities for holistic development.

Mark’s expertise offers a unique perspective on navigating fears, building resilience, and shaping a well-rounded approach to parenting.


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Mark is a former infantryman, intelligence professional, and licensed attorney who has conducted intelligence and security operations around the world. He has trained units from the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, the Fortune 500, and police officers from over 60 departments from around the country.

He is a contributor to the Counter Terrorist Magazine and the host of the Pearl Snap Tactical Podcast.