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Teaching Your Kids The Pillars of Survival, with Toby Cowern

Apr 26, 2023

On this episode of Close Quarter Dad, we explore the importance of teamwork, nature literacy, disaster preparedness, communication skills, and male empowerment in fatherhood. Listeners will learn the four survival priorities and how to prioritize them in different situations.

Toby also shares his experiences and practical tips on teaching and broadening urban survival skills, risk management and concepts specific for men wanting to elevate the children's knowledge in self reliance.


  • What are the three things that Dads miss when teaching children wilderness and urban survival skills?
  • What is more valuable to have as a family in survival crisis: a high skill level or good group dynamics?
  • How does a Dad approach teaching survival psychology to children?
  • Why is childhood engagement with nature vital and how can Dads best lead the way?
  • What should Dads prioritize when teaching children about nature?
  • What is the unique relationship parents and kids must have between communication skills and survival?
  • Why is the universal model for survival important to teach young people, and how can it be used to improve their skills?
  • Why is male empowerment and support important when it comes to leading children into safety and survival knowledge?

The podcast wraps up with a discussion on how to create a supportive community for new fathers and what next steps they can take to better their role as a trainer and guide for their kids..

For more information and resources, listeners are encouraged to connect with Toby Cowern:

Resilience Hub




Toby's unique fusion of teaching background, risk management qualifications, military training and outdoors experience allows him to deliver Wilderness and Urban Survival Skills training of the highest calibre.

Based in Scandinavia, and frequently working deep inside the Arctic Circle, Toby holds expertise in Extreme Cold Weather Wilderness Survival Skills, but also travels extensively to deliver applied Survival Training internationally. When not teaching or studying aspects of survival, Toby also deals with Management and Coaching Consultancy as well as running various highly applied nature immersion camps and seminars, aimed at managing and reducing stress both at individual and organisational level.

Toby is also passionate about using immersive nature engagement to help promote positive reconnection with the natural environment ('Rewilding Yourself') and tapping in to the powerful personal development and growth that can be attained from this.

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Here’s a complimentary lesson I made for channel listeners on the 3 Discussions you must have with your kids about safety and survival. It’s only ten minutes long, but could be a life saving 10 minutes of your time spent.



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