A Criminal, The Second Threat of Violence

Nov 17, 2021
Close Quarter Dad, Second Threat

The next threat within what I consider the four phases of violent crime is the Face of the Criminal.

This is not going have too much to do with yourself or your child, as it simply happens that they may find their self in the wrong place at the wrong time.

An example of this situation might be at a gas station where they went in to pay for gas, and there happened to be an armed robbery in progress.

Wrong place, wrong time - confronted by a criminally minded individual, who has not necessarily targeted you or your child. 
 In terms of your child being victimized, this is second to the Friend, or someone they already have built trust with.

Facing the Criminal is not something you pre-plan against as the variables are not within any spectrum of control or timing, however the direction for preparing your child’s ability to recognize and respond quickly, bypassing the freeze factor, is what can be done! Ignoring this opportunity to help your children here, is leaving them incapable of functioning in this situation.

You absolutely can help them to get through this, should it ever happen to them. In a future episode we will discuss this more, and we will also look into what steps could be taken to support them when suddenly Facing the Criminal..