Saigu, Were The Rooftop Americans Wrong?

May 03, 2022
Rooftop Koreans, Saigu LA Riots
Were they wrong?
Fact: Between April 29-May 4, the streets of Los Angeles were under violent unrest, building burned, people died.
Fact: An estimated 2,000 Korean American-owned businesses and stores were destroyed during the LA riots. 60 lives, lost.
Fact: Men went to their roofs to secure their business and family assets, today referred at the 'rooftop Koreans' (I simply call them Americans), did not back down and used deadly force to protect what was theirs.
So, I challenge Dads to consider 'Sai gu' (4.29), to the Korean people.
Given the circumstances, would you have walked away from your businesses to prevent death, allowing the violent mob to burn your livelihood to the ground?
Or were they in the right in doing so?
Where is the line? Is there one?
And, do we honor these men for reminding Americans of who we are?