The Lifecycle of Violence and it's excruciating repercussion‪s

Sep 17, 2017
Bullied 2 Badass Podcast


Originally aired on the Bullied 2 Badass Podcast, September 17, 2018.

In this episode Adam Sensei and I discuss the harsh reality that comes with a violent encounter, and the life-long repercussions it could have. We also talk about the devastating rise in bullying, and the statistics are mind-blowing!

"Good afternoon, everybody! In today's episode I had an incredibly prolific, and intense discussion with my good friend, and someone I consider one of my mentors, Sensei Adam Mitchell. Adam has been a professional martial arts instructor for over fifteen years, not only teaching thousands of students at his Dojo, but also regularly training students all over the world in workshops and seminars.

He also has a personal coaching program designed specifically for Traditional Martial Art School Owners, Training Group Leaders and those interested in starting their own Dojo. Links to learn more in the comments below! In this episode we discuss the harsh reality of the lifecycle of violence and the horrific repercussions that could come from it, as well as statistics on bullys and victims that will absolutely blow your mind!

This is an episode I recommend everyone listen to!"