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Good posture will change your child's life, with Chris Janke

Jun 21, 2022

One of the most critical topics to teach our children in terms of safety, regardless if it's staying safe from people or environmental dangers - is posture. It's also a topic seldom discussed in relationship to staying personal protection, but it is vital that kids are taught this.


What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why posture keeps a child safe, and how you can teach it
  • Four life changing exercises you can do with your kids 
  • What we unknowingly ask our kids to do everyday, and the long term damage it creates
  • Why monkey bars matter and why you should STOP helping your kids
  • How to play with your kids and build trust for deeper conversations
  • Nutrition and posture, how the support one another
  • 7 Steps to mastering your kids diet


Join myself and Chris Janke, author and host of the Health in the Real World podcast, as we go deep into why teaching your children to have good posture will keep them situationally aware and why, and help them to develop into strong, confident adults.


Chris Janke is the host of Health in the Real World podcast. As a seasoned personal trainer of 16 years, he has a lot to offer.

He has been a trainer since 2004, and has helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals in a way that's safe and sustainable.

He is also a health and fitness writer of varied books about how to improve your life. view his books.

He is a single father of 4, all under 10 years old. He knows what it's like to juggle life's challenges, while still staying committed to his personal health and wellness.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrjanke/

Email: [email protected]



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