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Strong Dads Need Stronger Gear, with Craig Risoli

Jun 06, 2022

Bag failures suck. Especially when there's kid's food, diapers and important lunches on long trips. Gear failures create stress, can damage stuff around you, and generally ruin what should otherwise be enjoyable, quality family time.

And who's to blame? Probably, you.

Showing up to events with whatever cheap shoulder bag you've been told to carry, that has some cartoon character on it - sort of takes away from who you really are.

You'll joke about it, say it's not really important ... But it is.

If this topic wasn't important, Napoleon Hill would not have included it in all of his works and courses; how your mindset will be strongly influenced by your dress, and how you show up.

Join this discussion about how gear like backpacks and lunch bags can literally change the way a man feels when showing up in life, how things can be made easier and a happier and a more connected family in moments, can be the result.

Founder of High Speed Daddy, Craig Risoli is our guest on this episode.



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Craig and his team produce high quality, high speed, dad gear. But Craig's company is not just about products, HighSpeedDaddy created a community where dads can share ideas, get advice, and even pickup a new workout. 

From blogs to a private Facebook group, HighSpeedDaddy is a total lifestyle brand who's goal is to help every man excel at being a dad.


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