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Human Trafficking, Why you Can't Look Away, with Nic McKinley

Jun 29, 2022


This is a mandatory episode for all parents to hear, and to share with other parents. Human trafficking, child sexual trafficking and sexploitation is an American epidemic. It is a situation in every town and city. Confronting it should be a line item in every city budget.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What human trafficking truly means and the misconceptions we all have
  • The truth under the dark blanket about human trafficking in your neighborhood
  • How traffickers work and groom their victims
  • Understanding the limited government response to human trafficking, and why
  • What YOU must do in your community, today
  • How to recognize the patterns in a trafficked child
  • ... so much more

When you are finished with this episode, you will need to share it with other parents, it's that important - You simply can't look away.


Nic McKinley started his career as a United States Air Force Pararescueman (PJ), where he served for ten years before working as a consultant for fortune ten companies.

The Central Intelligence Agency then recruited Nic as a Special Agent responsible for executing full-spectrum intelligence operations in high threat areas.

At both the USAF and the CIA, Nic became aware of the atrocities that humans are capable of and the inadequate to nonexistent methods to eradicate the problem.

As a result, Nic left the CIA and founded DeliverFund and VERAFĪ, directly responding to the escalation of human trafficking and fraud. DeliverFund is the first counter-human trafficking nonprofit to combat modern-day slavery through proprietary technology applications.

VERAFĪ is a private intelligence and due diligence firm focused on helping clients make confident decisions about key hires and investments.

Nic attended Harvard University and holds several patents and trademarks across multiple industries. 



Know The Signs of Human Trafficking

Hunting The Huntress Part 1

Hunting The Huntress Part 2

Hunting The Huntress Part 3

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