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Is Omegle safe for kids? You've been warned.

Jul 03, 2022

If you're a parent of a 10-16 year old, how would you respond to a grown man has pleasuring himself in front of your son or daughter, and there wasn't a damn thing you could do about it?

That's question I could think of after recording this episode.

There's an extremely high chance that this has already happened to your child, or far, far worse ... and like me, you have no clue.

Do not be the parent who responds with, 'not my kid'.

I said the same thing, and I was wrong.

Stop reading right now, and go ask your kid if they've ever heard of the site Omegle. If they respond 'yes' - then they have been present to highly explicit acts, live and in person.

They have been victimized, imprinted. It's time to start having conversations. In this episode, myself and Eric Carricato, Sergeant with the NYPD and Dad, step into Omegle and ask the people there if this site is safe for children.

What we discover very quick, is a harsh reality that almost no parents are even aware of. Their children have been hurt, and they have no clue.

You've been warned.