Parenting with Everyday Excellence, with Joe Templin

Apr 20, 2022

On this episode, we sit down with leading excellence and mindset coach, former International Taekwon Do champion, ultra marathon runner and proud Dad of three boys, who is involved in more community work than we have space to list here.

Joe details for us, how shifting your mindset to one of daily excellence, empowers rather than enables. 

This discussion breaks open how to coach your children through hardships, build their independence and shows how to see 'convenience' for what it truly is, the oppositional force to achieving excellence. 

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The difference between excellence and convenience
  • How to lead your child into hard choices to create resilience
  • Implementing the "what if?" and "reset button" tools with your kids
  • The chemical reason to smile
  • ... so much more.


Author of Everyday Excellence: A Daily Guide to Growing

Get the book here <-- Amazing!

Joe Templin's Website


As one of six kids (the only normal one, he insists) growing up in a small town and spending time on the family farm, Joe’s parents (John and Barb) instilled a love of learning, the outdoors, and a healthy disrespect for authority while still simultaneously embracing traditional values of hard work and “love thy neighbor but mind your own dang business.” This is Joe’s foundation.

He was severely asthmatic but through his work ethic and love of challenge has become a martial artist and ultra-distance runner. He had a speech impediment but has built a career around communicating. This habit of overcoming limitations is a theme in his life and his writings.

Joe has three hooligans (Danny, Liam, and Colin) and is a very proud member of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, having served multiple times as President of his local Foundation and Chapter Advisor. He has also served on the local, State, and National levels for NAIFA, is a Cubmaster (worst one ever if you ask his boys), and is involved with his local Autism Society. Serving others is important to Joe, because of how his parents raised him.


Here’s a complimentary lesson I made for channel listeners on the 3 Discussion you must have with your kids about safety and survival. It’s only ten minutes long, but could be a life saving 10 minutes of your time spent.






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