Should My Kid Stop for an Unmarked Police Car?

May 21, 2022

I found it in a local community Facebook page, a parent sharing an article they'd found about a girl not pulling over for an unmarked police car. They soon found out that the person trying to pull her over was a wanted rapist. It created a big buzz in my community, but something about the article didn't sit right with me.


What you're going to learn in this episode:

  • How to teach your kids to respond when they are pulled over
  • What to do if an unmarked police car tries to pull them over
  • How to teach your kids what police are thinking, and why that's important
  • Remember, you're fight will be in court, not with the police officer
  • Why you have to show ID

... and so much more. 


Upon researching it, I discovered that it had been making it's way around the internet for a few years. Nothing new. However, the very real problem of that article is that it's a confusing topic, and one that parent's should not take lightly and just tell their kids to do something that they themselves are uncertain of. 

So, in this episode we sit down with Sergeant Eric Carricato, (NYPD) and he goes through the shared letter and offers step by step advice on precisely what to tell your kids and how to coach them to have the best possible outcome when getting pulled over by a police officer. 

This one episode could not only save your family thousands of dollars from fines, insurance increases and time lost, but can also help you teach your kids how police think and what they are looking for. 



Here’s a complimentary lesson I made for channel listeners on the 3 Discussions you must have with your kids about safety and survival. It’s only ten minutes long, but could be a life saving 10 minutes of your time spent.