How to teach zero tolerance to your kids

articles May 01, 2019
Lets' talk about the zero tolerance policy and how we can have discussions with our children about it.

It seems counterintuitive to teach our children self-defense only to be told in school, if they defend themselves at any level, well, it's going to work against them. That they may even get kicked out of school or put on some longterm suspension.

A little background first.

The zero tolerance policy became a pretty common thing in the mid-1990s, as school administrations' adherence to certain laws were put in place back in 1994 about firearms. This is where it all began. Then it spilled over into drugs and violence.

Some school administrations have gone so far to say that if there is in-school violence, any type of fight or a situation of bullying, then both parties are going to be removed and dismissed. That’s absolute zero tolerance.

Some of us can be pretty critical about that policy. Meanwhile, others can be very accepting to it and saying, "Look, I want zero violence...

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How to make your kids decisive when it counts

articles Apr 25, 2019
Today I want to share a really cool drill you can do with your children. Don’t forget, make it playful – don’t be captain serious.

 This exercise will help you teach your child to create immediate decisiveness when it comes to either threatening or threatening stressful situations. 

 It’s called The Sleeve Catcher.

The Sleeve Catcher name is actually coined after a old Japanese law enforcement tool that the police used called the sodegarami, a spiked staff used to catch the kimono of a violent criminal. They'd catch the garment and force him to the ground in order to restrain them.

The Sleeve Catcher is an excellent exercise that helps your child create fast initiative and rapid, decisive decision-making, without telegraphing their mind or body.

First show them two steps. The first is simply have them begin in a natural standing position, and then quickly step forward and slightly off center-line. Without stopping their motion, they will...

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Taking Control of your Self Image

articles Apr 21, 2019


create a powerful self image from the principle of Kintsugi

Usually, what I talk about is drills, techniques and exercises that you can do to engage with your children while teaching them at the same time, and having fun. But in this episode, I want to have a discussion about you.

 Specifically, I want to talk about your self-image.

 There is a Japanese concept that I find can be used to approach the discomfort of facing one’s self-image that so many adults have, especially parents. It is called Kintsugi, "golden joinery”. Oftentimes, kintsugi is characterized as beautiful bowl that's broken, shattered, and instead of just discarding it for an easy replacement of another, the bowl is put back together carefully. The cracks and imperfections created by it’s shattering  are actually used to make the bowl become more beautiful, and entirely unique.

 It's carefully pieced back together with a stronger mortar, and then gold is added along...

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Martial Arts, Wrestling and Hand Holding

articles Apr 19, 2019
Dads with 4-5 year olds, martial arts for kids? Wrestling, facepalm and hand holding

I’m going to recommend that maybe you ‘not’ enroll your 3-5 year old in a martial arts program. If anything, enroll them into a gymnastics, tumbling program.


You see, let’s imagine they ‘actually do’ end up getting rough with a kid in their kindergarten class. The other child ends up grabbing your child, causing her to fall over.  Going to the ground safely, rolling, being aware of what’s on the ground and coming back to their feet is more important to their immediate safety, than that mean kindergartener.


If you do chose to enroll your little one into a martial art at such a young age, then I strongly encourage an art like quality Judo or Brazilian Jiujitsu.


Although I love the traditional Okinawa styles, I couldn’t suggest a kara-te or striking art at this young age. Not a lot of people realize that the growth plates in...

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How to teach your kids to make fast choices when facing fear, discomfort dash

articles Apr 12, 2019

Gentlemen, I want to spend a couple minutes with you sharing with you and very important topic called the freeze.

This is something that your children are going to encounter from their young early childhood, all the ways up to their adult life. It doesn't make a difference if you're a kid or if you're a seasoned professional law-enforcement officer who's exposed to the potential of violence daily.

Freezing, and there are a number of different ways that a person freezes, is something that happens and it's something that the professionals train for. The good news is, it's something that we as dads can take ownership of and train our children through it, so it’s less likely to happen to them. 

I'm going to share with you a couple of exercises that you can use daily with your children, activities that you can do with them and to encourage fast decision making, to get them to a point where they unlock themselves so that they're not frozen when fear arises in their life.


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Close Quarter Dad, Start Here

articles Apr 11, 2019
Hey there, check out our community of fathers and men learning tactical parenting skills at:

See you there.

The content that you're going to learn while being immersed into this program, while it's meant to help you to understand concepts, principles, and techniques so that you can teach them to your children - it's ultimately about making you the trainer, the teacher, and the model power for your children.

In order to do that, there are many high-level concepts, some that can be dangerous. In the spirit of responsibility, I want to get to know each one of you on the path with me.

I want to know who it is that I'm communicating with. I want to know how you're using these concepts and exercises to empower your children. Chances are, if you're reading this, then you've met those expectations already.

I appreciate you for that. Over the last 20 years of studying the topic of personal protection, I've had the honor of becoming close friends with some of...

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Fighting to pursue your passion and reconnect with your family

articles blog podcast Dec 06, 2018


Originally aired, December 6, 2018 on the Everyday Fighter Podcast

Adam Mitchell is a husband, father, and martial arts instructor. Adam shares his journey through martial arts, pursuing his passion, disconnecting with his family as a result, and finding his way back to balance.

Everyday Fighter Podcast

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The Lifecycle of Violence and it's excruciating repercussion‪s

articles blog podcast Sep 17, 2017


Originally aired on the Bullied 2 Badass Podcast, September 17, 2018.

In this episode Adam Sensei and I discuss the harsh reality that comes with a violent encounter, and the life-long repercussions it could have. We also talk about the devastating rise in bullying, and the statistics are mind-blowing!

"Good afternoon, everybody! In today's episode I had an incredibly prolific, and intense discussion with my good friend, and someone I consider one of my mentors, Sensei Adam Mitchell. Adam has been a professional martial arts instructor for over fifteen years, not only teaching thousands of students at his Dojo, but also regularly training students all over the world in workshops and seminars.

He also has a personal coaching program designed specifically for Traditional Martial Art School Owners, Training Group Leaders and those interested in starting their own Dojo. Links to learn more in the comments below! In this episode we discuss the harsh reality of the lifecycle...

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I discovered a critical weakness that 82% of fathers have after training over 5,000 children, over 20 years.

And the 8 actions that every Dad can use to transform their power in tactical parenting.