Why every parent should share a path with their kids

articles podcast Sep 02, 2019

And stop yelling from the sidelines 

Let’s discuss an observation I've made over the last 20 years of teaching martial arts, engaging with parents and working with their children; the massive impact a dad has on their child when they actually participate in that activity.

It doesn't necessarily have to be martial arts. It can be any sports activity, artistic program or challenging interest your child has. But you can no longer stand on the sidelines, barking commands. I am challenging you to actually sharing the path they are on.

Whether it's at a coaching level, or it's actually participating in classes with your child, actually ‘doing the work’ makes an incredibly huge impact on how they view you.

Now, while some great fathers drop their kids off at sports or activities, football, baseball, soccer, wrestling, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu … others stay and sit on the sidelines. If there's one thing that has always really bothered me, (and I’m a...

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My Top Book Recommendation, Meditations on Violence

articles podcast Jul 21, 2019

Today I want to share with you an answer to a question I get asked a lot; can I recommend a book that would help immerse myself into the study of self-defense and personal protection?

Oftentimes I might get asked by a parent who doesn't want to get himself involved in martial arts. Whether they don't have the time or the interest, but they still want to be able to equip their self, armed with good information, so that they can pass that information onto their children.

They can help strengthen their children, give them a better understanding of personal protection and safety, as well as family protection.

One of the books that I couldn't recommend more, whether you're a martial artist or not, is the book by Rory Miller called Meditations on Violence.

This book, for me, it was life changing.

I've been doing martial arts almost all of my life. I've been teaching martial arts pretty much my entire adult life. I know it pretty well.

What I can tell you is that this book...

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Stop telling your kids this, Make them FAST instead

articles podcast Jul 07, 2019

Let's have a discussion about something we say to our kids all the time.

I want to reframe this for you, help you to look at something that's so common that every parent, especially dads, say to their kids. Whether it's when they're learning to become better at sports, or whether it's something to do with academics - any life skill for that matter that we're trying to teach them, and it takes a certain amount of effort, and a certain amount of repetition for them to be able to capture what it is that they're trying to do, and to be able to develop that skill set, and to work themselves towards some degree of expertise or excellence at it.

It's most commonly used in sports, it's used in academics, used in all sorts of life skills.

I'll share with you the three reasons why you should not say this to your kids anymore then you'll be on a whole new path to helping your kids achieve success.

The saying is,

practice makes perfect.

How many times have you said that to...

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When your kids need to call 911, are they prepared?

articles podcast Jun 22, 2019

In this video, I am going to challenge you on making sure your children know 'how' to call 911 in case of an emergency - and I don't mean dialing the numbers. Does your kid know your cell phone number or their home number by heart?

Can they recall back to you their street address without thought? Seems easy, but I challenge you to try right now.

And don't forget, if they ever have to call 911, they will be under extreme stress and fear, making decision making and recalling memory extremely difficult. In this video, I will help equip you to teach your children this critical life saving skill. 


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Avi Nardia, Sword of Giving Life Part 2

podcast Jun 11, 2019


In this second of two episodes, Avi Nardia (Major, IDF Res.) shares his deep insight to the flaws in martial martial art programs today for kids, and how parents can recognize a quality leader within schools. 

As well, Avi shares stories of how he chooses to guide his own son as a Dad, by taking him with him to all parts of the world and allowing him to find his own path. 

Finally, Avi shares with us about the work he is currently doing in Africa, dedicating his time and resources to helping the children in one of Africa's largest slums study martial arts. 



Avi Nardia is not only one of my teachers, one of my inspirations in the world of martial arts, but someone I have the honor and privilege to also call him a friend.

I am really excited and I could not speak more highly of this man as a warrior but also as a fellow father. It is really exciting for me that is going to be the kick off podcast, the kick off episode for Close-Quarter Dad, and...

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Teach your kids Situational Awareness

articles podcast May 29, 2019




Why your kid may not have situational awareness, and how you can fix it

I want to have a discussion with you about situational awareness and be able to share with you some ideas and techniques that you can use with your children to help them to be able to identify potential risks, hazards, or threats, as well as obstacles and exits; should they need to be able to get themselves out of a dangerous situation quickly and effectively.

Situational awareness kind of seems like a tactical term, and I guess it is, but more than anything, it's just having a positive assessment of your environment in any condition.

Things that might be dangerous, things that might create a risk, possibly people that I know are going to challenge your child. They want to be able to identify that quickly remove their self or de escalate those situations in the best way possible.

It's really nothing more than coaching your children like you already do to look both ways before they cross...

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Avi Nardia, The sword of Giving Life

podcast May 25, 2019

Part 1: Going back to the roots of Israeli close quarter combat, his Dad and the roots of KAPAP




Adam: Today we are joined by someone who is extremely special to me. He is not only one of my teachers, one of my inspirations in the world of martial arts, but I have the honor and privilege to also call him a friend.

I am really excited and I could not speak more highly of this man as a warrior but also as a father, and it is really exciting for me that is going to be the kick off podcast, the kick off episode for Close-Quarter Dad, and I am excited to introduce all of you to my friend Avi Nardia sensei.

Avi, welcome to the podcast, Close-Quarter Dad.

Avi Nardia: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Adam: I would love you to share, and give a tribute to your dad because I know that is a huge part of the backstory of KAPAP.

As well as, there is quite a bit of history in Israel with the work that your father did.

So, I was wondering if you could take a few minutes...

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How to teach zero tolerance to your kids, Part 2

articles podcast May 12, 2019

In this episode, we are joined by New York City Police Sergeant, Eric Carricato.  

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How to teach zero tolerance to your kids

articles podcast May 01, 2019

I want to talk a little bit about the zero tolerance policy and how we can have discussions with our children about it.

It seems counterintuitive to teach our children self-defense only to be told in school, if they defend themselves at any level, well, it's going to work against them. That they may even get kicked out of school or put on some longterm suspension.

A little background first.

The zero tolerance policy became a pretty common thing in the mid-1990s, as school administrations' adherence to certain laws were put in place back in 1994 about firearms. This is where it all began. Then it spilled over into drugs and violence.

Some school administrations have gone so far to say that if there is in-school violence, any type of fight or a situation of bullying, then both parties are going to be removed and dismissed. That’s absolute zero tolerance.

Some of us can be pretty critical about that policy. Meanwhile, others can be very accepting to it and saying, "Look, I...

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How to make your kids decisive when it counts

articles podcast Apr 25, 2019

Today I want to share a really cool drill you can do with your children. Don’t forget, make it playful – don’t be captain serious.

 This exercise will help you teach your child to create immediate decisiveness when it comes to either threatening or threatening stressful situations. 

 It’s called The Sleeve Catcher.

The Sleeve Catcher name is actually coined after a old Japanese law enforcement tool that the police used called the sodegarami, a spiked staff used to catch the kimono of a violent criminal. They'd catch the garment and force him to the ground in order to restrain them.

The Sleeve Catcher is an excellent exercise that helps your child create fast initiative and rapid, decisive decision-making, without telegraphing their mind or body.

First show them two steps. The first is simply have them begin in a natural standing position, and then quickly step forward and slightly off center-line. Without stopping their motion, they will...

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JUNE 28TH, 2019


I discovered a critical weakness that 82% of fathers have after training over 5,000 children, over 20 years.

And the 8 actions that every Dad can use to transform their power in tactical parenting.